Intermodal Transportation Management Software

In October 2011, Profit Tools introduced an exciting new money saving fuel program.  After eight months of continued growth, our Fuel Card customers are saving an average of 9.2 cents per gallon!  With the average U.S. price of diesel rising 1.2 cents to $3.695 per gallon this week, that type of saving can add up fast.

Profit Tools has successfully negotiated pricing with major suppliers, giving our customers access to over 5,000 truck stops across the U.S and Canada.  Our fuel card customers who are fueling exclusively with our main supplier, are saving an average of 15.6 cents per gallon!  Savings vary depending on each customers location and fueling habits.  We are continuing to seek additional supplier relationships to further enhance our customer savings.

Start reinvesting your fuel dollars by signing up today.  You can also visit our Profit Tools solutions web page for additional information, or "Let's Talk" by calling us at (603) 659-3822.