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Control incoming information from Profit Tools.

Some of our customers have expressed frustration over the number of emails they receive (we hear you there)!  In response to those concerns we are in the process of transitioning our Weekly Tip emails (normally sent by John Howes, ( to a RSS feeds based service (what is a RSS feed). You will now be able to receive Weekly Tips via the Tips & Helpful Hints feed on our website. The Weekly Tip emails you are currently receiving will be phased out over the next few weeks and replaced by the feed. This new format will give you the ability to get the information in three different ways:  1) Subscribe through a feed reader,   2) Enter your email address to continue receiving the Weekly Tip emails, as well as other helpful information,  or 3) Visit our website periodically to view the latest information.

Not only will you be able to get the Weekly Tips through RSS feed, but other important information, such as event announcements, new partner announcements, and new product features will also be available though our News & Events feed.  In the same way you can choose how you want to receive your Tips & Helpful hints you can choose how to receive the News & Events: 1) Subcribe through a feed reader, 2) Receive emails, 3) Visit the News & Events feed on our website periodically.

You can also use your default internet browser to subscribe to, and view feeds. The below links will bring you to a short video describing the process.

Subscribe to feeds using Mozilla Firefox

Questions about feeds? Contact Kyle Moore at, or 603-659-3822.