Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Since the release of Profit Tools version 5.1.24, users now have the ability to 'Remove Carrier Status' from the 'Company Information' screen.

When adding company information to Profit Tools, the user has always had the ability to 'Make a Company a Carrier' by selecting this option in the right hand column of the Company Information screen.


If needed, the carrier status can now be removed (rather than just hidden) from any company by simply selecting 'Remove Carrier Status' from the 'Show Carrier Info' screen in Profit Tools version 5.1.24, and above.

Is it time for you to upgrade your current Version of Profit Tools? We are currently running on version Please email John for additional upgrade information.

Did you know you are able view/edit company information from nearly any screen with a simple 'right click' shortcut?

Whether you are viewing Dynamic Quick Views, Summary Screens, or any shipment, viewing company information is only a 'right click' away. From any screen with a company listing field, hover over the company name, and right click to reveal a drop box with multiple selections. Choose the second listing, 'Info Screen', to bring up the full Company Information screen shortcut.

To learn more about on-screen shortcuts and time saving practices, please email your trainer. You may also contact an account manager to ask about an efficiency evaluation to ensure your team is taking advantage of all the built-in efficiencies of Profit Tools.