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A Customer Guided Progression of Dispatching & Communication Methods

Is your dispatch made up of T-cards, hand written assignments, and endless phone calls? Are you searching for a better way? Read on to learn how Profit Tools has worked with its customers to develop and improve dispatch software that is saving many trucking companies lots of time and money.   

Almost two decades ago, trucking company owner James P. Daley, Jr. recognized an industry need to improve the intermodal dispatch process. That idea became a reality after partnering with software specialist, Brian K. Widell, to form Profit Tools, Inc. Together, they developed and introduced an extremely dynamic dispatch tool, which literally left physical load boards in the dust.

As technology advanced, many trucking companies wanted to ability to track and message drivers in the field. As a result, GPS units became more common throughout trucking fleets. An opportunity was recognized to improve the dispatch process, and incorporate these new changes. After collaboration and feedback from its customer base, Profit Tools introduced the Mobile Communications module. This connected dispatch directly to the drivers' in-cab GPS systems, provided drivers clear and accurate dispatch info, and gave drivers the ability to digitally transmit information back to dispatch.

Not long after, cell phones became an increasingly popular means of communication for many trucking companies. Customers began to express a need for a truly mobile solution. After input from many customers, Profit Tools introduced Mobile Direct. This mobile solution brought the same convenience of in-cab mobile dispatching, right to the driver's hip. Two-way communication improved, and text messages were incorporated to alert drivers of new dispatch assignments, saving tremendous amounts of time for dispatchers and drivers in the field. Although this solution is still an invaluable tool for Profit Tools customers, once smart phone technology became widely available, Profit Tools customers wanted more.

In November 2012, DiSC Mobile - Instant Proof Of Delivery (POD) was released. DiSC Mobile technology enables the consignee to sign for shipments digitally on the driver's handheld android device. This immediately makes a usable POD available to office staff, nearly eliminates the need for paper POD's, and expedites the billing process. Profit Tools customers have already processed over 9,000 POD's to date, saving them and their customers valuable time.

The intermodal dispatch process within Profit Tools has evolved significantly over the years, with our customers' needs guiding us in that progression. If you are a Profit Tools customer, we would love to hear from you. Let us know how Profit Tools has made your reality better, and maybe we can use your story in an upcoming post!

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