Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Have you ever had a customer that goes over their credit limit, or becomes past due on their account?

Profit Tools has a built-in way to restrict the billing and usage of a company so that it cannot be used as a shipper, consignee, or bill to location. This is a simple way to keep everyone involved with billing and dispatching loads on the same page.

Below are the simple steps to place a bill to company "On Hold":

  1. From the Company Information screen, select "More Details..." on the right.
  2. Next, select the "Settings" tab from the top middle of the screen.
  3. Select the "Place On Hold" button from the left of the screen. You will see "On Hold" appear to the right of the button in red.
  4. You can now close that screen, and view the "On Hold" status from the Company Information Screen.

To remove the "On Hold" status from a bill to company, simply return to the settings tab, and select the "Remove Hold" button beside the red "On Hold" status.


For additional tips on customer account settings, please contact your trainer. You can also review some of our past tips by visiting our tips & hints blog page.