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To All our Valued Customers,

All of you who were directly or indirectly affected by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We are here to help in whatever way we can.

For customers with computer systems that were physically damaged by the storm, here are a few things you should consider:

1) If you need new hardware

            -What type of hardware should you be investing in?

            -Are there alternative web-based options?

If you are purchasing new hardware, you need to be sure what you are buying will be compatible with Profit Tools latest General System Requirements. Please contact if you have questions regarding hardware/software compatibility, or call 603-659-3822 and a Support Technician will assist you.

There are several options for having your hardware hosted by a third party; we currently have customers using and to provide hosted hardware solutions. If you have questions regarding hosting compatibility please contact, or call 603-659-3822 and a Support Technician will assist you.

Profit Tools is also providing hosted access to the PT application, as well as QuickBooks, that can be purchased directly through Profit Tools. There are currently some restrictions on what customers can and cannot transfer to our direct-hosted environment. Please contact John Howes at, or call 603-659-3822 if you are considering this option.

2) If you need to reinstall Profit Tools

            -Do you have accessible backed-up PT data?

            -How do you recover data from damaged computers, servers, etc?

If you are going to be reinstalling Profit Tools and you have a copy of your data backed up, please contact, or call 603-659-3822 as soon as possible to schedule a reinstallation time. Considering the current situation, we are doing everything we can to accommodate your schedule for reinstallation.

If you do not have your data backed up and need to recover lost data there are many companies who specialize in this field.  One example is  There will be high demand for this type of service in areas directly affected by the storm. It is our suggestion that you may experience a faster turn around time by looking for data recovery service vendors in areas of the country not directly affected. If you have questions on what data you need recovered in order to recreate your Profit Tools environment, please contact or call 603-659-3822 and a Support Technician will assist you.