Intermodal Transportation Management Software

Profit Tools provides better chassis visibility.

It’s no secret that chassis are being handled differently than in the past. We realize that instead of using free chassis provided to you, you now must either get your chassis from various chassis-leasing and rental companies, or, start buying your own chassis and using those. These changes have placed a greater emphasis on keeping tabs on chassis in your possession.

Profit Tools brings to the table a couple of solutions to help you adjust to the changes, and keep better visibility on chassis. Our approach has been two fold — 1) direct product development and 2) expanding our ever-widening book of partnerships.

In the latest release of Profit Tools, company owned chassis are handled in a similar fashion to outside equipment. Instead of assigning equipment through the Itinerary window, company and long-term rental chassis can now be easily assigned directly through the shipment window. Entering the equipment through the shipment window will trigger the routing for the chassis and give the option to start a per diem calculator for that particular shipment. This new enhancement makes it possible to have a separate per diem calculator for each individual shipment a chassis is used for, allowing you to charge appropriately for chassis used across multiple shipments. Whether you are using your own chassis or renting one from an equipment provider, Profit Tools will ensure that the accessorial line item you need to bill for gets added to the invoice. Contact your trainer to learn how to start using these new features.

Keeping track of the charges needing to be associated with every move involving a chassis is only half the battle. Keeping track of the physical equipment is the other half. The latest upgrade to Profit Tools addresses that directly by treating “drop” events at a termination location as a “dismount” unless otherwise specified by the user. This ensures that the chassis stays connected to the tractor for visibility in the application. While visibility of the equipment in the application is great, being able to locate the physical piece of equipment is paramount. For that reason Profit Tools has established a partnership with Asset Intelligence (AI), a leading provider of asset management and tracking solutions.

AI provides easy to use and cost effective means for tracking physical assets, and they have products that are designed specifically for intermodal containers and chassis. AI’s VeriWise™ Track and Trace model has a permanent install option, as well as a magnetic mount for equipment that is not your own. This is an ideal model for intermodal carriers who use a mixture of company owned equipment and leased/rented equipment. Not only is the easy install/uninstall option ideal for intermodal carriers, but the device can actually be mounted to the underside of a chassis. The product also comes with easy to use web access allowing you to keep tabs on the equipment and run a variety of scheduled reports. With theft on the rise for both cargo and scrap, having a discrete, easy to mount tracking device for equipment is essential.

As part of our partnership with AI, we have negotiated special advantages that are only available to Profit Tools customers. Please make sure to contact us first to learn about, and become eligible for these benefits. Email or call 603-659-3822 for more information.