Intermodal Transportation Management Software

1. Did you know that Track & Trace can be used to verify that rail billing on an export container has been accepted? The Track & Trace export rail billing verification functionality is not enabled by default, but can be configured to verify that rail billing is in place. One thing to consider when enabling this functionality is the amount of intermodal containers you are currently tracing, and your current monthly subscription bracket. Tracing export rail billing verification is treated as an active container count for subscription purposes.

You can check on your current subscription level, along with your monthly container count, by accessing the Track & Trace Help and Registration pull-down menu. The registration screen also displays your current registration status, expiration date, # of additional users, and account status. For more information about set up and configuration of Track & Trace export tracing, email your trainer, or call the Profit Tools office at 603-659-3822.


2. Share your suggestions and ideas for working with  Profit Tools. That is exactly what one Profit Tools Mobile Direct customer did after reading a previous Tips & Hints post. In that tip, a video was posted showing how easy it was for drivers to use the "Mobile Direct" dispatch application on their android phones.  In an email to our support team, Riz of P & R Trucking suggested that some older versions of android phones will operate better using an alternate web browser, known as "Opera Mini". He  said "(The Opera Mini Browser) saves the truckers name and Password, and you can also set the font size to large, so that the screen always comes up in a readable size to view and work". Other Profit Tools customers may also benefit from this bit of information, and no idea is too small to share when it comes to productivity.

Sharing your thoughts can be as simple as adding a comment in the reply box below any of our posts. Remember, many of the Profit Tools features and enhancements originated with customer suggestions and requests. Your unique insight is invaluable to the continued innovation of the Profit Tools solution, so let us know what you are thinking; it could be the next best thing! If you would like to know about custom enhancements, please visit our Priority Development page for additional information. As always, you can contact your trainer by email, or call 603-659-3822 with specific questions.