Managing Testimonials

Testimonials that appear on the sidebars and the Testimonials page are controlled through the WPCJ Testimonials plugin.

To add or edit testimonials go to Settings > wpCJ Testimonials

Page Navigation

The first page of testimonials (alphabetically by Company) displays.  There is no page navigation controls (that I am aware of).  To display the subsequent pages, add &paged=2  (or =3 etc) to the end of the navigation string and press enter.

Here's what first displays (for page 1):

Then, to display page 2, change this to :

Editing or Deleting a Testimonial

Find the testimonial in the list, hover your mouse over it.  An "Edit" link appears on the left, and a "Delete" link appears on the right side of the screen.  If you choose "Edit", the field values of that testimonial are filled in at the top of the page (you may need to scroll up to see it.)  You edit there and click "Save Changes" when done.   After you've edited and saved, or after you've deleted, the list display returns to page 1, regardless what page you were editing.  You can append the &paged=2  string (or whatever page you need) to move forward again.

Providing a link to the customer's website  (IMPORTANT!)

In order to work properly, the link MUST begin with http://     If it does not, the testimonial itself will be garbled.

If a customer does not have a web site (or has one that is under construction, or would reflect poorly on them and us), either leave the website field blank, or, if the customer has a listing page, use that link instead.


Be aware that some customers who have joined agencies we now list the agency name as their company name, but their title is still left over from when they were independent.  Example, Gilco.  The contacts we have are not the "Owner" etc of Gilco.  Be careful if you see this and just list the person's name, rather than name & title, if this is the situation.

Associating testimonials to pages

To make a testimonial eligible to show up on a page, make it's "Related Product" field exactly equal to the title of the page (not the permalink or the menu entry).  On a given page, the logic will randomly pull up to 2 testimonials specifically for that page, and one for "Company".  If there are only 1 or 2 testimonials specifically for that page, it will always display that one or two, plus a randomly selected one for "Company".   Thus, we need a good stock of testimonials under "Company" so that there is some variety in what is displayed, and these should NOT be duplicated as page specific testimonials.   That is because you would sometimes get the specific testimonial along with the same testimonial again because it was randomly selected under Company when displaying that page.  If you want a specific testimonial to display on more than one specific page, enter the testimonial into the system twice, and specify the two different "Related Products"

Impact of Super Cache

Note that if Super Cache is turned on, it may not appear that testimonials are properly displaying / randomizing.  That is because until the cached page is rebuilt your changes will not take effect and a fresh randomization will not occur.  If super cache is turned on, you will need to clear the cache or (preferably) clear that page from the cache before a refresh will work.  (Or, waiting for the cache to rebuild itself will also eventually make the change show up.)

Regional Testimonials

There is no built in capability to request testimonials by state (or region) but this could be accomplished as a custom code extension.  (Brian W custom-coded the context sensitivity feature.)