Managing Feeds

  1. Deactivate the feed burner Plugin here -  (the plugin needs to be turned off in order for Feedburner to discover the feed created by WordPress)
  2. Sign into your google feedburner account -
  3. Put the full URL to the of the category feed into the text box that is titled Burn a feed right this instant.
    1. WordPress creates your category feed using the following 
      1. The root url -
      2. The category directory - category/
      3. The category slug - current-headlines/ - (view your categories her -
      4. The feed directory - feed/
    2. An example of the wordpress created feed for the Current Headlines category would be
    3. Once we've clicked next on "Burn a Feed...", will need to name the feed for feedburner.  The following naming convention must be used to work with the feedburner plugin on the site - "ProfitToolsFor Trucking_" and the category slug.  So, in the example above the feed should be named - ProfitToolsFor Trucking_current-headlines
    4. Click next and your feed should be created. If you get an error message - try again without changing anything - it will likely go through the second time (don't ask me why - it seems a bit buggy at times).
    5. Click next and check off Click Throughs and Stats
    6. Click next and you should have successfully create the feed.  If you have made a mistake or need to change the title or location of your feed - you can edit the details up top below the feed name.
    7. Click the Optimize tab and then click Smartfeed and activate it.  This translates your feed into a wide variety of formats to minimize problems reading your feeds.
    8. Click the Publicize tab and activate Email Subscriptions
      1. Copy the code for your subscriber form that will be used on the page. Example (view this in the page editor to view the html code - The pre and code tags are not working for some reason on this page)   You can alter the inline style of this code to manage the style and make any changes to the text as you like:

        Enter your email address:

        Delivered by FeedBurner

      2. Click Communication Preferences to create the email people receive and alter the from email address.
      3. Click Email Branding to alter the email formating (add logo, change font and colors and change title)
      4. Click Delivery Options to choose when the daily update email go out.  Keep in mind - if you create an update at 5pm and you schedule in feedburner is for your updates to go out daily at 6am - it won't go out until 6am the following day.
    9. Under Publicize - you can also activate Pingshot if you want the feed to be broadcast to the rss feed search engines.  You wouldn't activate this for the password protected posts - this does not mean they can't eventually find it - it just means they don't give it an extra push for discovery.
    10. Also under Publicize -you can copy the code for your chicklet (the universal symbol/icon for an rss feed - if the reader is familiar with an RSS feed they know what to do with it).  You can offer this with your email subscription so people can choose between subscribing via an rss feed or email.  They give you a variety of options for a chicklet/icon to use.

      Subscribe in a reader

    11. Also under Publicize is Password Protector - here you can password protect your individual feeds - it goes into detail here on it's functionality.
    12. The last item under Publicize is NoIndex - here you can set the feed to not be indexed by search engines and prevent it from being used by Yahoo! pipes (a way of combing a bunch of feed sources into one newsfeed).
    13. If you have a copy of the code for the chicklet and the email subscribe form - you are done with feedburner.  Once you have burned all your feeds - you can go back to the wordpress plugin manager and activate the feed burner plugin.
  4. Add your public feeds to your facebook page.
    1. log into facebook and navigate to your facebook page -
    2. click Edit Info at the top just under the Profit Tools name
    3. click the link for Apps in  the left hand nav and click Go To App under Social RSS
    4. here is where you define which 5 feeds you want posting to you facebook newsfeed located on your Wall view (this is what people would see when they visit your facebook page)
    5. under tab settings you want to have the following enabled for each feed:
      1. Send to your wall
      2. Auto-like Posts
    6. Click Update and your done adding the feeds to facebook.  If facebook is making updates to their code - this can cause the feed updates to not update - unfortunately it becomes a waiting game for the app deveopers like Social RSS to figure out the changes and update their code.  I have had it happen a couple times but not recently.

Let me know if you would like to add screen shots if that would be more helpful and if there are any questions.