4 Ways to Take Your Trucking Company From “Good to Great”


Read on to learn how you can align your small to mid-sized trucking company for greatness through the cutting-edge technology of instant proof of delivery!

Throughout the country, trucking companies of all sizes are feeling the pressures of the ever-changing industry environment. Fluctuating fuel prices, customer demands for greater freight visibility, qualified driver shortages, and increased governmental oversight, are just a few of the obstacles to overcome. Unlike large, multi-million dollar trucking giants (who have resources to hedge these major pressures), many of the small to mid-sized companies struggle to find the resources to tackle these challenges.

So what are you to do?

Take action now to position your company for greatness by adopting winning strategies. Below are 4 major points to consider:

  1. Improve cash flow by...
    • Cutting turn cycles on receivables up to a week - with Instant POD, you can now bill most of your loads immediately, without the need to wait for expensive overnight packages that will need to be sorted and matched.
    • Reducing operating expenses - spend less time manually keying, copying, matching, sorting, and filing invoicing paperwork. This translates to instant savings on one your largest expenses.
  1. Capture lost revenue by...
    • Increasing your ability to collect accessorial charges - drivers can now update the exact time they arrived and departed right on their android device, giving you the accurate and timely supporting information needed to collect legitimate charges.
  1. Provide unsurpassed level of customer service by...
    • Combining multiple platforms of technology - send your customers automated shipment status updates, and proof of delivery as it is happening.
    • Creating greater visibility of shipments - empower  your customers with real-time access to vital shipping information such as, arrival and departure time, piece counts, seal numbers, weights, and relevant documentation, through a secure web portal with 24/7 access.
  1. Attract quality drivers & decrease turn-over by...
    • Improving working conditions - by enabling your drivers to view dispatch information in advance on their handheld device, gets your drivers off hold with dispatch, back on the road quickly, and home more often.
    • Concentrating on driver retention - provide more time to drive and less time on paperwork. Greatly reduce the need to maintain manual paperwork, such as hand tags, and trip packs, with Instant POD capabilities.



Watch the 3 minute video below for an overview of DiSC Mobile - Instant POD