Help Team Barrow Raise $100 K for Brain Cancer Research & Awareness

Profit Tools, along with trailer & chassis tracking solutions partner Asset Intelligence™ (A.I.), have "teamed up" to support Chris Wright of Affton Terminal Services in his Race Across America (RAAM) - a cycling race with a goal to raise and promote awareness for charity. Chris will be riding as part of Team Barrow, an 8-person cycling team raising money and awareness for Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) consisting of:

Jory Greenfield
George Catalano
Kyle Claffey
Chris Wright
Mike Patterson
Troy Wilson
Yati Yadav
Don Bosch



Congratulations Team Barrow!  Team Barrow reached the finish line in Maryland early Saturday Morning, June 22. They covered 12 states and 3000 miles in less than 7 days!  Below are hourly snapshots of their most recent leg, and an overview of their entire race at 12-hour intervals.




For complete hourly tracking history visit our partner page by clicking the image below and following the 5 step instructions:

Visit the I.D. Systems Tracking Website1. Click the image to the left to visit the tracking login page

2. Enter the User Name: Bicycle / Password: track2013

3.  Under the yellow stripe, click the hyperlink "Bicycle" on the left (Click for visual explanation)

4. Near the upper left, select the radio button -  "Show History Map" (Click for visual explanation)

5. On the map, click the blue clusters to zoom on event markers  


The race against cancer continues...  It's not too late to donate!!  To learn more about Team Barrow & Donate to this cause, click the Team Barrow icon below