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  • How much time is wasted each week checking chassis provider bills for errors?
  • How often is billing delayed due to misplaced paperwork?
  • Are your dispatchers bogged down answering customer inquiry calls for freight location?
  • If any of these questions resonate with you, then...

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“Since we have been utilizing the Profit Tools software we have seen vast improvements in our ability to trace shipments for customers, our billing turnaround time has improved by at least a week and a half, and we are able to track container per-diem with extreme accuracy, saving us hundreds of dollars in per-diem bills.”

- Julie Boothe-Rhodes
American Marine Express
Cleveland, OH

“We have been a Profit Tools user since early 2002. We installed the core modules first, such as Operations, Billing and Dispatch. (...) After exactly 1 full year, we decided we needed more of this system. One module we added was Document Imaging, which allowed us to get rid of a lot of storage for documents, and helped us get paid faster! Document Imaging also helps out with customer service by having the documents immediately available in the Profit Tools system when a customer calls needing a copy on the delivery end. (...) Having these modules installed is such a timesaver for us.

- Craig Ingram,
Owner, Asset Based Intermodal
Garland, TX

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