Hunter Transport


- Intermodal; containers and local services
- Mix of company and owner-operated trucks
- Profit Tools customer since 2005

When Hunter Transportation Co. Inc. wanted to close loopholes in their tracking and billing practices to facilitate growth, they turned to Profit Tools software.

Prior to implementing Profit Tools trucking software in 2005, Hunter Transportation Co. Inc. relied on manual data input and retrieval, which became costly in overlooked services eligible for billing. Hunter Transport was also challenged by their limited visibility of their workload.“We were coming from a manual environment and we needed to quit thinking about pieces of paper and keeping all the information in our heads,” says Operations Manager Vanessa Chambers. “We looked at a variety of software solutions and found that only Profit Tools had exactly what would meet our operational needs.”


“What you put in is what you get out and it’s time well spent and time used properly,” says Chambers. “Our implementation was really quite smooth.”  She credits the transition to the training the dispatchers received from the Profit Tools staff several weeks prior to going live. “We liked that the Profit Tools staff had real-life industry experience. They really do know what they’re talking about, and that helped ease the dispatchers into trusting that the Profit Tools system would contain all the same details and information directly on their screen and be easy to access.”


“I’m extremely impressed with the reliability of the software. It’s very robust. Profit Tools has an enormous amount of functionality that we don’t even scratch the surface of,” says Chambers. After using Profit Tools for several months, Hunter Transport requested several customized screens, and Profit Tools delivered. “The Profit Tools staff has been very responsive,” says Chambers. “Profit Tools offers a good product that is well-supported and performs well for our size of business.”


“Without Profit Tools, we could not handle the load or level of the volume of work we are handling right now,” says Chambers. “It allows us to handle that work efficiently and also allows us to have a great deal of visibility from a management perspective of what we’re handling and for whom. That’s a major component of our operation.” Hunter Transport has also improved the efficiency of its drivers and the retrieval of vital information necessary for operations and billing. “Before we had Profit Tools software, work was done and then it went off to get billed. But, there was always the possibility that work was done and we never billed for it because of human error,” says Chambers. “Today, that loophole doesn’t occur in the Profit Tools environment.”


The enhanced visibility of information has positively attributed to the growth of Hunter Transportation Co. Inc. “Since using Profit Tools, we’ve increased our amount of business by nearly 100-percent,” says Chambers. In addition to their growth, day-to-day management has also improved. “Our management group now has at their fingertips which drivers are working and when they’re working, we know how many shipments are being handled for a given customer, and we know what our work load is going to be like for today, tomorrow and even the next day. It’s the edge we needed and attained because of Profit Tools.”