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"The Profit Tools User Conference had great information and good discussions. I learned new things about the system and have some productivity items to implement when I get home. This trip will pay for itself!"

-- Survey Testimonial,
User Conference

"I want to thank everyone at Profit Tools for the great service you provide. Recently, when we migrated to a new server, Profit Tools staff was extremely helpful in making sure that everything was done correctly and working properly. We enjoy the frequent upgrades, and all the training that we receive is relevant to the daily job and makes the use of the software more productive."

-- Tom Swanson, Operations Manager,
C Base,
Minneapolis, MN

"Another great feature of this software is the technical support which I rate as the best anywhere. The software runs flawlessly but when help is needed, whether it is for upgrades or enhancements, you can count on quick, knowledgeable, and friendly support."

-- Brian Boulet, CEO,
Boulet Freight Management, Inc.,
Fairfield, ME

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"Profit Tools helps us maintain our leadership position in a very competitive intermodal trucking market."

-- Quinn Wu, Vice President,
CBL Freight Systems, Inc.
Compton, CA

"Profit Tools delivers everything we need to manage and grow our intermodal trucking business. You can’t make a better choice."

-- Michael Dougan, CFO,
Dependable Highway Express, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA



"The ability to eliminate manual container tracking has been our goal since we started using Track and Trace and we’ve achieved that. The notifications we get on the dispatch screen showing when a container is en-route, arrived, or grounded has helped us with daily operations and to meet customers’ demands for rail cuts."

-- Faris Husein, General Manager,
M & J Logistics,
Chicago, IL

"I don't know how I ever did without Profit Tools; it's the best thing. I'm certainly a big supporter. We had to change the way we had to operate the company, from the old white boards to a software system. Now all the information is right there. We have Mobile Comm. and Document Imaging, among other features, and those two things combined with Auto Rating really works nice for us."

-- Dave Benbenek,
Ace Cargo LLC,
Indianapolis, IN

"I like the whole package. Everything I'm using works great for me. It speeds things up, keeps everything organized from day to day. This is the first system we had here and it works great. It does the job!"

-- John Pacella, Owner,
Allecap Transportation,
Justice, IL

"We systematically replaced piece-by-piece our existing systems with those in Profit Tools. Once we got started, we had to have more. As each department would become proficient, we would add another module. Quickly, we were benefiting from modules like document imaging, auto rating and auto email. From any viewpoint, you could tell this was working. The operations staff was excited and enjoying a less stressful, more productive environment. By the time our drivers were aware that things were different in the office, we were rolling out the mobile communications module. Now, everyone was involved from the street to the back office. Our operation had transformed from vision to reality in less than one year."

-- Dave Benbenek,
Ace Cargo LLC,
Indianapolis, IN

"With the consistent support from the programming and support staff at Profit Tools, we took the program from not just software on our system, but to our company's complete operations and communications platform. It was not the easiest thing we have accomplished at Ace Cargo, but it has certainly been the most beneficial for our employees and customers. I consider it one of our company's greatest accomplishments, and the best thing I could have done for my business."

-- Dave Benbenek,
Ace Cargo LLC,
Indianapolis, IN

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