Customizing Profit Tools – Part 2 (Quick Views)

This series titled "Customizing Profit Tools for your Operation" was a result of our customer survey given in June, and Profit Tools commitment to customer service.  If you did not have an opportunity to respond, and have a suggestion for a future seminar, please let us know!

The focus of this webinar was the Dynamic Screens within Profit Tools, often referred to as Quick Views or Dynamic Dashboards.  Some of the basic ways Profit Tools can customize these screens to fit your company’s individual needs were reviewed.

The 30 minute quick views webinar topics covered were:   

* Dynamic Screens - Advantage of use compared to shipment summary.
* Available quick views: e.g. T-Cards vs. shipment summary style.
* Customize dynamic screens to fit your business.
* Create pop-ups inside the dynamic screens.

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