Support and Upgrade Service (SUS)

About SUS:

Customers on SUS have the advantage of receiving all regular upgrades to the Profit Tools package at no additional charge. SUS also covers assistance for technical issues that directly relate to our Profit Tools for Trucking application, including program bugs, as well as interfaces to third party software.

Who receives SUS:

We offer this optional support to all our customers.

Cost for SUS:

An annual or monthly fee based on a percentage of the total retail value of your Profit Tools software licenses. SUS is renewed annually on the anniversary of the customer's original installation date.

SUS does not cover:

  • Upgrades to or support of companion software products
  • Sybase or other database products
  • Pegasus (document imaging engine)
  • PC*Miler or other mileage/routing databases
  • accounting applications
  • any non-Profit Tools product or service

SUS does not include support of:

  • hardware
  • networks
  • operating systems


  • 87% off all current customers are currently on SUS.
  • Over 90% of tech support requests are handled successfully
    within the initial customer request call.
  • In a recent customer survey 88% of customers replied that
    Profit Tools customer support has a speedy response time.
    Over 60% of new product development is driven by requests
    for new and updated features from our customers, so each new
    upgrade release has something for everyone.

Complete details:

For complete details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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