Installation and Training

OK,  so we are a software company, we've got brainpower and technical know-how by the truckload, but how does that translate into a successful operation for you? The truth is, we're not just techno-geeks with no real world trucking experience. With successful former trucking company owners, executive managers, operations managers, dispatchers, and even drivers on staff, we are confident that we have the right people to guide you through a successful implementation.

Implementation process:

Once you have made the decision to purchase Profit Tools, you will be assigned a Trainer and an Account Manager. These are the people at Profit Tools who will come to have an intimate knowledge of your operations, they will be your first line of support.

Your Job: Assign a project lead from within your company.

Profit Tools follows what we have labeled our "train the trainer" approach. While we work diligently to make sure that all users at your office are well trained on the software, the focus is to have one Project Lead. The Project Lead will become your "in-house expert" on all things Profit Tools, with the goal that most questions can be answered internally without having to pick up the phone and call us. 

Installation and Set-up:

Our technicians will install and set up your entire Profit Tools software package, including setup of network locations, paths, protocols, etc.

Basic Setup includes:

    • accounting and mileage connections
    • multi-company or multi profit-center setup
    • document output
    • invoice numbering configurations
    • information entry including customers
    • companies
    • locations
    • equipment
    • equipment lease types
    • employees


On-Line training - One-on-one training with your trainer. This normally occurs in one hour conference call style increments. This training is designed for Project Leads or key individuals in preparation for the go-live.  This may also involve testing and revising the implementation plan by working through any issues before going live.

On-site training -This typically occurs during the process of taking the software into live operation.  Thorough preparation and pre-training of key individuals and project manager(s) is normally completed before this phase of training. The implementation plan must include the go-live plan, this includes the specifics of the training required at that time the trainer is on-site.

Note: Smaller companies who need three or fewer individuals trained are usually well-suited to on-line training exclusively, while larger firms with more trainees will find a combination of on-line and on-site training/ go-live support to be most cost effective.

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