Fuel and Profitability

We're going out on a limb and guessing Fuel and Profitability are two pretty important words to you.  Can't have the one without managing the other, right?  Profit Tools fuel and profitability management software can help you achieve both.

Advanced fuel surcharge control

Negotiating FSC is only half the battle.  Now, can you charge it correctly?  Or does your staff spend too much time and make too many mistakes trying to calculate the rate for each customer?  Profit Tools advanced fuel surcharge control lets your company:

  • Control the fuel surcharge that is automatically added to a shipment.
  • Set the system to automatically assign different rates by customer and type of work being done.
  • Specify different surcharge types by both percentage and per mile rates based on mileage breaks.

Determine profitability in Quote Builder

Work up a quote by marking up over your costs, or check your margin on the rate a customer or broker is requesting.  Either way, you can take or reject the work knowing you've made the right decision.  Quote Builder can also help you verify profitability on combined shipments, such as an LTL run, a truckload front-and-back haul, or an intermodal reload.

Customer Credibility

When deciding whether to take a load or bend on a rate, you want to know whether your customer's payments are up to date with you. Profit Tools can check for outstanding invoices in your QuickBooks accounting package for the customer whose Quote you have open.

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