Dynamic Dashboard

If you and your staff know how to dispatch on a T-card board or paper load sheet, you already know how to dispatch on Profit Tools Dynamic Dashboard™.  These flexible load boards organize work and assignments the way you want to see them, and make dispatching a simple drag-and-drop.

Easy Transition

For most dispatchers, transitioning from T-cards or other manual system to the computer can be scary.  They know that if they can't see the right information, they won't cover the freight.  The out-of-the-box views in Dynamic Dashboard have been honed by dispatchers over 15 years of live use, so they are intuitive.  Plus, the Dynamic Dashboard's flexibility allows companies to customize their load boards to even more closely resemble what their dispatcher is used to seeing.

Intelligent T-Cards

For those comfortable with T-cards, Dynamic Dashboard arranges cards in columns based on status, location, or assignments. As you make assignments or the status changes, the cards automatically move to a different area of the load board (or screen). The top of the card shows enough information so you cant get an overview of the shipment information at a glance, and if you pull the card out of the slot (by clicking on it or holding your mouse over it) you can see all the details.

Automated Updates

Of course, even though it feels familiar, Dynamic Dashboard leaves your current board in the dust.  Color highlights point out shipments that need attention.  No one spends time writing up the cards, or deciphering what happened later to bill for it.  Everyone inside (and with Visibility Tools, outside) your operation can see what's going on.   If a shipment is updated electronically, such as by EDI or driver Mobile Comm message, that change shows up on Dynamic Dashboard instantly and automatically.


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