Container Reload Posting

Container Reload Posting assists companies doing intermodal work to find reloads and to comply with steamship line demands for empty equipment visibility.  Profit Tools can post your pending empty availability to the website, where shippers and IMC's can search for desired dates, locations, and equipment.  Relevant availability is also relayed to other services including Synchronet.

No Extra Effort

Posting happens automatically based on rules you define (unless you choose to override and hide a particular container.)  Potential reloads come looking for you, and it's completely up to you whether to take them.

Intelligent Posting

What's the use posting an empty if it's already on its way back to the depot or CY?  Our service will post it for the date range it will become empty, so shippers & IMC's have time to express interest.

Be Discreet

Profit Tools only posts city locations (not facility names) to  Furthermore, if a posting particular town would tip everyone off that you're doing work for XYZ Company, Profit Tools can automatically post that as a different nearby town so you give away no secrets.

Maintain Control

What's the use of getting a reload if you can't keep track of it?  Profit Tools Order Management and Dispatch has you covered!

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