Management Tools

What are the management tools you need to manage your business and analyze operations?

Having the right software can provide immense time savings, such as facilitating  your staff's daily workloads, and enabling superior customer support. Most importantly, software management tools can provide the information you need, when you need it.


Whatever information goes into the system we can pull it out to you organized how you want it. Display it visually on the screen, print out a hard copy, or have it emailed to yourself automatically, there are no limits to the ways we can present you the information you need.

Reporting Plus

OK, so you've pulled the reports you need and analyzed them to find what parts of the operation need improvement. Now what? Take your reporting to the next level by defining the parameters you are looking to meet and having the system alert you when that happens.  Profit Tools frees you from constantly monitoring what's going on and gives you the heads-up when situations need attention.

Be Pro-active

Here's the scenario: Customer A gives you approximately 25 loads every week. All of the sudden that volume gets cut in half, and (worst of all) no one notices. Wouldn't you like your system to send you a report of Customer A's freight volume if it drops below 15 loads for 2 weeks in a row? Profit Tools can. Now you can address the issue to find out what caused the decrease before it's too late. What other scenarios can you come up with?

Who's doing what

No, you don't want to hover over the shoulders of your employees, but wouldn't it be nice to know what actions they are taking to solve problems? Profit Tools keeps records of what changes are made in the software, by whom, and at what time. This gives you the ability to grade employee performance and get to the bottom quickly of any issues that arise.

Learn even more!  To find out how Profit Tools can help transform your dispatch office, read about our flexible Dynamic Dashboards™

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