Intermodal Drayage Optimization

The world's first Intermodal Drayage Optimization Solution powered by artificial intelligence redefines operating efficiency

Looking for a decisive competitive advantage in intermodal trucking? This new technology delivers breakthrough performance gains.

Using artificial intelligence, Profit Tools Optimization automatically plans the best dispatch assignments for efficiency and on-time performance. It is smart enough to evaluate the optimal plan for hundreds of containers every second and increase your truck to dispatcher ratio by 200%. 

Profit Tools Optimization is preconfigured to optimize rail and port drayage movements, using data from any TMS combined with GPS, HOS, traffic and turn-time information.

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Benefits of Optimization

Optimize your intermodal operation to improve overall performance and profitability.


How Profit Tools Intermodal Optimization works


Easy-to-use and integration ready

Optimization features an easy-to-use web interface. It works out-of-the-box with Profit Tools Transportation Management System (TMS) and can integrate with other proprietary or commercial TMS.

 optimization screen grab

                              Easy-to-use Planning View displays optimized plans in advance and in progress.


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