Document Imaging

Profit Tools Document Imaging provides a hassle free way to organize, retrieve, and send all your necessary documents without needless trips to the filing cabinet.

Documents on Demand

If a customer needs an additional copy of a POD, BOL, interchange report, etc, they shouldn't have to call your office to get it. When Profit Tools Document Imaging module is paired with Active T.R.A.C. (our online web login for your customers) your customers can log in and download copies of the documents they need without ever picking up the phone - faster for them, easier for you!

Organized your way

Profit Tools allows you to create your own names for the type of documents you will be filing. What you call that piece of paper now is the same thing it will be called in the system, no need for confusion. Just started moving Hazmat or other specialty loads that require different documentation? No problem, you can easily add new document types to keep on file.

Keeping records

That call from your customer doesn't always involve a load that was moved recently, they could be searching for documentation on something that was moved months ago. Profit Tools provides easy ways to search for past shipment information including documents. Profit Tools also lets you archive your images to save space on your network. No more running out to the storage trailer in the back lot, we provide you an easy way to pull up those saved images from years past.

Not just Shipments

Scanning documentation and linking it to shipments in your software program is a must, but those aren't the only documents you have on file. Profit Tools allows you to scan and associate documents to variety of entities within the system including, employees, equipment, and companies you deal with.

What the customer needs, the customer gets

Profit Tools allows you to specify who needs what, and when they get it. Our Document Transfer module emails, or transmits files via FTP right to your customer as soon as the documents are scanned in your office. Profit Tools also has levels of security that will either warn or require the billing department to have certain documents scanned in before they can create the invoice.

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