Route Manager Optimizer

The Route Manager and Optimizer lets you automatically assign pickups and deliveries by zone, and optimize the stops geographically.

Simplify Load Routing

The Route Manager can auto-assign freight to be picked up or delivered on the same truck as an LTL, distribution, or air freight operation, as it is entered to a specific vehicle and date, or staged to a dock door or trailer until the specific dispatch is made.  If one routing is overloaded, dispatchers can easily move freight to other vehicles or other dates.

Optimize Your Itinerary

The Route Optimizer automatically sequences the stops in the resulting vehicle itinerary to accomplish the most efficient route geographically utilizing PC*Miler routing calculations.  Dispatchers can easily adjust stops to allow for appointments or other criteria. Profit Tools calculates drive times and factors pre-set stop times for each location into the schedule.  The system will then print loading or stripping manifests, delivery manifests, batch delivery receipts, driving directions, and more.

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