Mobile Direct

Mobile Direct™ brings the efficiency, accuracy, and 24-hour service benefits of mobile dispatching to companies who want a portable solution, for some or all of their fleet.  Mobile Direct works on a wide variety of phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and other hand-held devices running a web browser.  Most devices require no special configuration and no software installation.

Send & Receive Mobile Device Update

The dispatched stop assignments and load details you want your drivers to see are available on their mobile device.  You can optionally send a mobile text message to your drivers to let them know when you've given them a new dispatch.  As they complete their stops, drivers can update the system with details (which are automatically timestamped), and you also have the option to require additional information such as equipment numbers, BOL/seal numbers, and more.

Facility Advisories and Directions

When getting their mobile direct assignments, special facility instructions you have put in the system are presented to the driver.  The driver can also view driving directions you have on file for any facility they are routed to.  Instructions and directions can be in English, Spanish, and more.

Solution for Temporary Drivers and Owner-Ops

If you have drivers in your fleet for whom you're not able to dictate the equipment needed for a hard-mount GPS/EOBR-enabled solution, or for whom this investment is not practical, Mobile Direct still lets you get the dispatch automation you need for efficiency and customer service.

Best of Both Worlds

You can deploy a mix of Mobile Comm and Mobile Direct in your fleet with just the licensing costs of just one module.

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