Mobile Comm / GPS / ELD

The Profit Tools Mobile Communications Interface Module links your in-cab devices directly to your dispatch and customer service operations.  Supported in-cab systems include XRS Corporation, Omnitracs, Trimble® (formerly @Road), and PeopleNet®, as well as our very own DiSC Mobile.  Plus, be sure to ask us about our newest in-cab technology partner, Geotab.

Clear & Accurate Information

Use Mobile Communication to send routing and load information to drivers directly from dispatch, without re-keying the information. Also use Mobile Communication to receive logistical confirmations from your drivers, including updated shipment information such as a equipment numbers, bill of lading, piece counts and weights, seal, etc.  Gain Efficiency & Accuracy as a result, and keep your drivers from being held up with bad information.

Calm & Collected Dispatch Office

Whenever someone first visits one of our customers with Mobile Communications, they ask the same question:  "So... Are you guys busy?"  The reason is, the chaos of people screaming at drivers over phones and radios, and at each other about drivers on hold and appointments being missed, is simply not there.  What's left is an eerie, efficient, silence.  The kind where people get a lot more work done in the same amount of time, and make fewer mistakes.  The kind you want in your Dispatch office.

Linking GPS & ELD to Dispatch

With Mobile Communication, Profit Tools automatically records last-reported GPS position and timestamp for each vehicle, and makes a current position report available on demand.  For in-cab systems with ELD enablement, Profit Tools brings in driver hours available and makes these readily accessible to dispatchers.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

When Mobile Communication is combined with Profit Tools Visibility Solutions, you can also make the in-cab data you want accessible to customers automatically, further improving their satisfaction and your efficiency.  For customers with time-sensitive Visibility requirements, Mobile Communication allows you to keep them informed 24 hours a day as drivers complete their assignments, even if there's no overnight staff at your office.

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