Dispatch management is what you get paid to do.  It's at the heart of your business.  Your software needs to be as good as you are, and Profit Tools dispatch management software goes one step further, and actually helps you be better.

Quick Assignments, Quick Changes

From your Profit Tools dispatch management load board, you can make and change assignments by drag-and-drop.  No need to open a bunch of screens, remember cryptic hotkeys, or do a bunch of typing.  Profit Tools moves at the real pace of dispatch -- fast!

Complete Routing Control

Some dispatch systems only let you look at shipments, or only let you have one open assignment per truck.  Profit Tools Dispatch management software lets you work with a comprehensive pre-plan and history for every driver and piece of equipment.  We call this the "itinerary", and it can have as many shipments and stops planned as you want.  You can also bring the itinerary up for any driver, truck, or piece of equipment you've ever dispatched, for any day or date range in your history.

Complete Equipment Control

Dropped equipment control is a major shortcoming of many dispatch management systems.  Profit Tools was designed from day one to be the best at this.  With Dispatch management, you'll know which equipment is dropped, for how long, and who brought it there (both the driver and who dispatched it at the office).  This applies to trailers, flatbeds, containers, and chassis, whether they're owned, rented, or provided with the load.  When it comes to equipment, you've got questions -- and Profit Tools gives you the answers!

The Right Move

When using Profit Tools Dispatch, making the best assignments, taking into account all relevant deadlines, who's closest, what you have coming back, and driver hours available, all becomes a lot easier.  Plus, the Dispatch management system can instantly cross check every assignment with driver file expirations (like license & medical) and endorsements (like hazmat) so you don't get yourself in a jam.

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