Container Brokerage

All-in-one solution for drayage carriers and freight brokers to profitably build, manage and streamline operations.

Profit Tools new Brokerage Solution provides drayage carriers and brokerage companies an affordable technology platform similar to what is used by large brokers. This container-friendly brokerage software solution will help you sell and deliver loads efficiently online, build your brokerage business quickly without adding staff, and compete profitably with the big brokers.

Profit Tools is ideal for operations that want to broker container freight. You can make your available freight visible and assign shipments or individual legs to company trucks, owner operators, or third party carriers.  Best of all, carrier information, assignments, updates and shipping documents are updated to Profit Tools Transportation Management System (TMS) in real time.

Create a private company load board


  • Create a private load board on your website with detailed information on your available loads. Outside carriers can easily view your available loads and request picking up loads that fit their location and capacity.
  • Quickly obtain key information on a carrier including MC#, DOT #, trailer type, and required rate. Or, customize the information you require from carriers to fit your business needs.

Automate posting loads to major public load boards


  • Post designated loads to large national load boards
  • Save time and money by posting up to 5 different loads boards at one time

Provide an electronic load tender with accept or reject capability and eliminate back solicitation


  • Send an auto email to your selected carrier with a hyperlink for the carrier to accept or reject the load
  • Provide full load tender details to the carrier, once the load is accepted
  • Maintain customer confidentiality while using outside carriers. With Profit Tools Brokerage Solution, you can quickly and easily obtain rate confirmations prior to releasing customer information.

Receive and provide timely updates through an online portal branded with your company name, while updating Profit Tools Transportation Management System (TMS) in real time


  • Using container brokerage software allows carriers to quickly provide you with critical information online and avoid waiting on hold with your dispatchers:
  • Arrival and departure time, trailer #, container #, chassis #, piece count, weights, and seal #’s
  • Upload shipping documents, load paperwork and all receipts you need to bill the customer in a timely manner: POD, POP, EIR, scale receipts, lumper receipts and more
  • Enable customers to access and update critical shipment data through your secure web portal, day or night, without calling you
  • Offer online instant messaging between your operations, carriers and customers

Provides outside carrier lookup, record keeping and posting of cash and fuel advances


  • Store, view and search carrier information including compliance and insurance data, and get automatic warnings if contracts or information is out of date
  • Find carriers that have previously run lanes thorough easy to use carrier lane searching
  • Identify which carriers use a factoring company during carrier lookup, dispatch, billing and anywhere in the solution where carriers are used
  • Isolate carriers not allowed to take cash advances

Integrates with leading industry partners to improve your efficiency

In addition to major load boards, this includes: QuickBooks including posting cash advances to carriers and PC Miler

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