Profit Tools Brokerage software was designed for dedicated brokers and asset-based carriers who also broker freight. This brokerage software is built to handle brokerage for TL, LTL, Distribution, and Consolidation.

Built-in Flexibility

From the simplest single-shipment brokerage to building a brokered trip up from multiple shipments, or split-dispatching legs of a shipment to multiple carriers, or even splitting a shipment between outside carriers and your own trucks, if you can think it up, Profit Tools Brokerage can handle it.  What's more, it makes sure you can track the billing and pay, and produces the necessary documentation and rate confirmations along the way.

Intuitive Address Book

Store and view carrier information including compliance and insurance data, and get automatic warnings if information is out of date.  Search who you used for a similar load last time.  Option to code carriers according to service modes, equipment types, or lanes to help quickly find the right carrier to cover a particular load.

Comprehensive Brokerage Process

Most Load Management tools that are available when dispatching your own trucks are also available in Brokerage, allowing you to stay in control and intervene on a potential problem before it's too late. In addition, Profit Tools accounting interfaces enable both billable and payable information to flow to your accounting package without re-keying when the load is complete.

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