Dispatch & Mobile

Successful dispatch management & mobile communications are the keys to trucking profitability.  Profit Tools Dispatch Management & Mobile Communication solutions provide powerful capabilities to dispatch and broker with speed and flexibility. Profit Tools Dispatch Management modules automatically keep track of equipment, deadlines, and other critical factors.  The Mobile Communication solutions enable you to link dispatch directly with your drivers in the field, reducing or eliminating phone time and miscommunication.

Not Just Freight

Some systems operate as if freight were the only thing you're tracking, or have you jump around to so many different screens it will make you dizzy. In contrast, Profit Tools provides the choice of which
equipment and drivers should be used, as well as what freight to carry, all in one place. You even have the choice of what information to use - shipment, driver, equipment, customer reference numbers; the choice is up to you.

Key to Efficiency

Let's face it, if your dispatchers spend most of their time on the phone or radio, trying to read information to drivers and write down new information they get in the field, you're wasting time and money.  You want your dispatchers planning and solving problems, not reading off the screen and scribbling information all day.  It's a simple concept, but as you know all too well, it doesn't come easy.  Profit Tools Mobile solutions will actually get you there.

Visibility Starts in the Field

To meet your customers' Visibility demands, real-time dispatch and tracking of driver activity is no longer just an efficiency option, it's a requirement.  Profit Tools Dispatch and Brokerage give you the tools to capture this information in real-time, and Profit Tools Mobile Comm and Mobile Direct give you the tools to automate it for efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

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