EDI Direct

Profit Tools EDI Direct™ edi software enables carriers to perform the load tender, status update, and invoicing functions required by shippers, IMCs, and steamship lines, while avoiding fax, phone, or web vendor interface.  EDI compliance is increasingly required by many IMCs and steamship lines, and Profit Tools continues to lead trucking companies in becoming EDI compliant.  We have relationships with most major trading partners including HUB Group, Yang Ming, OOCL, Expeditors  and many more.



Reduce processing time.

Carriers using Profit Tools EDI Direct™ have reported saving 15 minutes per load in office processing time. Carriers achieved these time-savings in the following areas:

  • Receiving orders: customer data flows directly into Profit Tools for you to review, accept, or decline the order.
  • Sending status updates: Profit Tools sends updates automatically upon stop confirmation.
  • Invoicing: the reference number and rate information needed for billing are automatically downloaded into Profit Tools ensuring accuracy, and invoices are sent electronically.
  • Supporting documentation: required paperwork can be automatically tagged and transmitted electronically to trading partners that support it using Document Transfer.
  • Payment and collections: invoice matching issues are virtually eliminated.

Improve performance.

Not only does office staff save time on processing, but carriers can expect improved turn around time on receivables, and reduced issues in the field, for example incorrect container numbers.  Many trading partners also extend faster payment terms to carriers meeting data timeliness targets.

Avoid costly van charges.

Profit Tools EDI Direct™ technology eliminates all third-party character and transaction-based charges, saving you 50-90% versus traditional EDI.

Supported transactions:

  • EDI 204 (Load Tender)
  • EDI 990 and 997 (Acknowledgement and Response to Load Tender)
  • EDI 214 (Status Update)
  • EDI 212 (Delivery Trailer Manifest)
  • EDI 210 (Invoice)
  • EDI 322 (Intermodal terminal and ramp status update)


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