Document Transfer

Document Transfer is an optional extension of the capabilities of Invoice Transfer.  In addition to sending documents electronically at time of invoicing, Document Transfer enables the system to send images of documents to the customer as soon as they are scanned into your Profit Tools system.

Automatic Document Distribution

Customers who require images be sent to them while the move is in progress, prior to invoicing, can be accommodated with Document Transfer.  Your staff only needs to scan the document against the Profit Tools shipment, and Document Transfer automatically takes care of the rest.  Your staff does not need to be aware of or remember the customer's requirements.

Bypass Vendor Interface / Fax Requirements

In addition to sending documents to people, Document Transfer can also eliminate the need to upload documents to your customer's website or fax in documents with special cover pages to identify them.  The configurable electronic tags used by Document Transfer automatically provide the necessary identification to your customer to meet their image import specifications.  This allows Profit Tools to get the images directly into your customer's system.

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