Email Notifications

Keep everyone informed.  That's what Email Notifications does, in a nutshell.  It automatically sends to a pre-set list of recipients when designated stops are completed in a shipment, and as other conditions occur. With the click of a button you can also email a variety of on-demand updates and notifications to customers without re-keying any information.

You Update the System.  The System Does the Rest.

With Email Notifications, Profit Tools will send emails to everyone who needs to get them -- at the customer, at pickup & delivery facilities, at agents & forwarders, etc.  Load tender confirmations and completed event updates are fully automatic, based on your setup.  For container operations, emails about last free dates for storage and per diem are automatic, too.  Nobody needs to remember who is supposed to receive what (because the system remembers for you), and the process can even work when no one's in the office if you're using Profit Tools Mobile Solutions to receive driver completed event updates.

Time Savings and Improved Accuracy for On-Demand Emails

The Email Notifications system can also be used to send a variety of On-Demand emails without re-keying any data, such as Accessorial Authorizations and Rail Billing requests.  You select the recipients, either the default contacts for the shipment or you can manually specify them.  You select a template and the system fills in all the information you want in the email.  You hit send, and you're done!  No extra time, and no typing mistakes.

Automatic History Records

A copy of every email sent out is stored in the system against each shipment, so you can always prove to your customer what was sent and when, and you won't have to worry about digging through anyone's Sent Items or hanging onto everyone's email history forever.

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