This feature will run a wide variety of automated, pre-built or custom reports.  You specify the schedule and send the results directly to your customer, or  internal staff at your company.  Some examples are Dropped Trailer reports, Daily Billing Summaries, On-Time Performance, etc.

Flexible Format & Delivery

Reports can be generated as PDF, Excel, and other formats, and can be delivered by email, FTP, or written to a folder on your internal network where any staff given access could view them.

Exception Reports

Reports can optionally be set to deliver only if they contain results, meaning you can create exception reports that will be sent only if a particular situation occurs.  Examples would be Driver Detention reports, Per Diem reports, etc. that are only sent if a driver detention or per diem charge is incurred.

Automated Scheduling

Once you set up an auto-report, no one on your staff needs to remember to run it.  And no one needs to remember to cover for the person who normally runs it.   And no one needs to remember to ask whether someone is covering for them.  You get the idea...  The customer stays happy, and you're not tied up in knots chasing down reports.

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