Safety / Log Auditor

Comprehensive safety and log auditing peocedures will keep your trucks on the road and your loads on the move. However, with government regulations becoming more stringent, making sure you have the best drivers possible is more important than ever. A wrong move by any driver running under your authority can negatively effect your safety ratings and possibly result in lost business. 

Keeping tabs

Profit Tools Safety Module can help you keep your ratings where they should be. By recording driver logs, you get automatic violations notification and explanations. You can proactively monitor hours-of-service that will eliminate needless dispatch reshuffling. The system will even create random driver lists for drug testing. The bottom line is Profit Tools will help you keep track of safety concerns internally before they negatively affect you externally.

Staying ahead

By helping track high risk drivers and documenting disciplinary actions taken, Profit Tools allows you to get pro-active about identifying and retaining your good drivers while keeping DOT and insurance hassles to a minimum.

Functions include driver management, log auditing, compliance reports, generation of random testing lists, multiple log entry modes, and more.

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