Fuel Tax

Preparing fuel tax reports and filing paperwork isn't why you are in this business, but none the less it comes with the territory. With the help of  the Fuel Tax module,  we can help make this part of your operation painless.

Automated mileage reports

We know collecting mileage run per state information can be time consuming. Not any more - Profit Tools Fuel Tax module uses dispatch history to generate mileage by state reports for any vehicle within any date range, then pro-rates the resulting figures against the vehicle's actual odometer readings. Now when you dispatch, Profit Tools is automatically capturing the mileage information you need.

Information simplified

Fuel Tax prints well organized "miles by state reports" and also allows you to send that information to PC*Fuel Tax® (optional) if you wish to further automate the process.

Putting it all together

Use  PC*Fuel Tax® (sold separately) and the Profit Tools Fuel Card Interface, to automatically capture and combine the information you need to print completed IFTA forms. With little or no manual data input you now can audit the results and complete this process in a fraction of the time.

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