Chassis DVIR

So there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding chassis these days. Who is going to provide them? Am I going to be charged per day to use the chassis? Do my drivers still have to fill out a DVIR report for undamaged chassis? While these, and other, questions are still up in the air, one thing is certain - whatever the final rulings are Profit Tools will be ready to assist your operation deal with the outcome.

Ahead of the game

When the Roadability regulations set forth by the FMCSA requiring Intermodal carriers and all drivers operating intermodal equipment to formally submit Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports went into effect, Profit Tools was ready and able to submit those reports electronically. When the FMCSA decides to make more changes to their rulings, Profit Tools will again be ready, on day one, to make sure that government mandated regulations don't add full time staff positions to your operation.

And the record shows...

Now we are willing to bet that if you have been in the intermodal business for long you've been involved in a dispute with the chassis provider over who damaged the chassis and who is responsible for the repairs. When you submit DVIRs with Profit Tools, not only is the process quick and easy, but you  now have record of every chassis you use. These records can be invaluable when handling future disputes.

How it all works

Our solution makes reporting easier and ensures that motor carriers have records of what the drivers are reporting. The Profit Tools DVIR system can send electronic submissions to both and the Intermodal Association of North America's (IANA) DVIR Processing System, the two main reporting agents for DVIRs. Our system sends DVIRs via EDI 322 transaction set, and receives confirmation of receipt via EDI 997. All of this information, along with copies of the DVIR report, is stored in Profit Tools for your records.

For more information on the new Roadability rules please visit the FMCSA website or look over IANA's FAQ page for detailed information.

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