Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be an overwhelming task with a long list of complex rules and regulations to keep track of ? Now more than ever before, carriers need to be on top of these rules, and regulations, because one slip can cause a drop in your ratings. Profit Tools Regulatory Compliance features make it easy for you to keep up to date records and proactively manage those areas of your operation that could end up hurting you if overlooked.

Get off my back!

Profit Tools' pop-up alerts warn users when driver and equipment expirations are impending. The system can also be configured to automatically send these to your safety director on a regular basis. Keeping your safety information up to date and organized is essential to breezing through a DOT audit (...wait is that even possible?). OK, maybe breezing through wasn't the right words, but making the audit as quick and painless as possible is the goal. 

Goodbye filing cabinet

Profit Tools' Document Imaging module allows you to, not only keep ready access to images of supporting documents for your loads, but also, to organize all paperwork! Documents on file regarding employees, companies and equipment can all be linked directly to those entities in the system. Copies of licenses, registrations, contracts etc. can all be accessed and printed with the click of a mouse.

Info that flows

Between IFTA reporting and submitting DVIR reports, gathering information, preparing the data, and sending the various forms the government requires can be very time consuming. Profit Tools allows you to speed the process by quickly gathering the mileage information you need for your IFTA reports, as well as compiling and electronically sending the inspection information needed to complete your DVIRs. Getting the information out that the government requires doesn't have to be a full time position, let Profit Tools help shoulder the burden!

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