Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence made easy

Profit Tools BI is another industry first from Profit Tools. For the first time, you’ll be able to gain immediate, actionable insights through your data in a way that was simply impossible… until now. Profit Tools can give you big insights. Best of all, Profit Tools can have your BI solution up and running quickly. Let us show you how.

Profit Tools BI:

  • The first Business Intelligence solution created specifically for the intermodal trucking industry
  • See all of your Profit Tools data instantly
  • Combine data from other sources for a 360º view of your entire business
  • Bring in data from accounting software, spreadsheets, GPS, internal databases, EOBR and more
  • Analyze quickly and easily to identify trends and stay current on the latest insights
  • Access your entire data history and drill down, and filter data to get actionable insights
  • Create amazing, easy-to-use drag and drop online dashboards in one click
  • See data in real-time with automatic updates to your schedule
  • Share dashboards online and invite others to filter, drill down or save
  • Works on any device: laptops, tablets and smartphones for on-the-go BI

Time is money. So is information.

With Profit Tools Business Intelligence, you can use your data to answer questions that can make you money as you grow your business. Finally, you’ll be able to see real-time information that shows how your business is performing. Items that impact profitability, such as revenue, costs and operational data that will give you the information you need to know if your company is meeting daily, monthly and annual goals.

With Profit Tools BI you’ll know which customers are moneymakers and which are not. In fact, you’ll learn if you’re making money on all aspects of your business, such as equipment, lanes, as well as origin and destinations. You’ll even be able to discover whether drivers running similar routes make similar revenue per hour. It’s all news you can use to make your business more efficient, more successful and--most important--more profitable.

With Profit Tools BI, you’ll have it all--from the big picture to the smallest detail--right there where you can see it to help you make faster, better and more insightful decisions. Best of all, there’s no programming, data prep or IT people needed to create dashboards and analyze on the fly.

Put all your Profit Tools Data into a powerful analytics solution.

Profit Tools BI brings your Profit Tools Data together. Everything from operations, dispatch and billing to settlements and much more into one, very robust, powerful and intuitive analytics platform.

Bring in your outside data.

And now, for the first time, you’ll have the ability to bring multiple datasets from multiple sources into one easy-to-use analytics solution. For the first time, you can have data from accounting software, spreadsheets, GPS, internal databases, EOBR and more in the same place so you can get rich insights for faster, better business decisions and increased profit. Let Profit Tools BI bring all your data together into one easy-to-use analytics solution to give you 360-degree visibility into your entire business.

Works On Any Device : Laptop, Tablets and Samrtphones for On-The-Go BI

Online dashboards make it so anyone, anywhere can analyze, share and gain insight… in the office or on the go.

A simple drag and drop dashboard lets anyone across the organization analyze data to gain specific insights quickly and easily.

With the ability to analyze large datasets, ten times faster than current solutions,you can make queries across millions of individual records on your desktop, laptop or mobile device in the blink of an eye as you drill down, drill across and filter your data at the speed of thought. You can even customize Profit Tools BI to specific needs such as KPIs, varying cost models and scorecards.

Facility Turn Times by Time of Day Filtered by the Last Two Quarters

Custom, highly visual online dashboards are just one click away.

Personalized, interactive dashboards let you set up your dashboard your way, with numerous charts built right in using a best visualization approach. Your dashboard lets you see up to date data through automatic updates set according to your schedule. Because the dashboards are web based, they can be used on any Internet enabled device including mobile phones and tablets. Dashboards can be published to a URL allowing others to filter, drill down or save copies.

Revenue per Hour by Driver Type

Overview of Revenue, Profit Margin and Cost

Volume Growth and Profit Margin by State

Get more mileage from your data. Let us show you how Profit Tools BI can help.

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