The Settlements module calculates your driver payables, in either auto "batch" mode or assisted "interactive" mode.  Settlement calculations are based on your dispatch record in the system and your payable rate setup, so all the data needed to generate pay is already there.  Once reviewed and processed, the Settlements module also passes the payables and GL information to your accounting package, eliminating any data-entry / double-entry that you may have at that stage now.

Q: How many ways are there to settle drivers pay?

A: How many trucking companies are there?

We've been at this a while.  We understand that competing to retain drivers while still turning a profit requires some creativity, and so your settlements system needs to be flexible enough to keep up while still cutting processing time.  Profit Tools does both.

We've Got Your Number

Profit Tools’ settlements can handle the different pay formulas you may work with: point-to-point, percent revenue, mileage, zones, stops and more. And, Profit Tools can handle a mixture of these modes for different drivers or different types of work assigned to them.

Accessorial and Fuel Surcharge Payments

Pay for waiting time, driver assist, and other accessorials can be generated by the system.  Fuel Surcharge pay can be generated for individual shipments or as an aggregate for the settlement period.

Advances, Deductions, and Hold-Backs

Profit Tools can process recurring and one-time adjustments to driver settlements.  Individual line items can held back for administrative reasons such as missing paperwork, and then simply reassigned to the current or a future week's settlement.  One-time adjustments such as Cash Advance, ongoing deductions such as Insurance, and capped deductions such as Escrow or Loan Repayment can all be conveniently tracked & processed.

Links to Fuel Cards and Tolls

Settlements offers a Fuel Card add-on module that will bring fuel purchase, cash advance, and other deductions and reimbursements into the system from most leading fuel card vendors.  There is also a Toll add-on module that performs a similar function for toll receipt data.

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