Fuel Card Interface

The Fuel Card Interface module lets you import fuel purchases, maintenance charges, advances, fees, and other deductions or reimbursements directly into the Profit Tools Settlements module.  Fuel Card Interface imported entries become adjustments to the open settlement, saving time and preventing errors.  The Fuel Card Interface also gives you the ability to create receipt entries in the Safety module in order to automatically audit drivers' reported duty status (driving, sleeper, or off-duty) against conflicting time-of-purchase data.

Convenient Tracking & Accounting

Profit Tools allows you to map the various types of fuel card activity for internal tracking and reporting as well as automatic breakout to different GL accounts.

Administrative Options

Profit Tools provides the control you need for administering your card activity, including the option to impose automatic administrative adjustments to fuel card fees and fuel purchase rebates, and to differentiate the handling of card activity for company drivers vs. owner operators.

Multiple Vendor Support

Profit Tools supports data import from most major card vendors.

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