The Billing module creates invoices for your shipments.  All information needed for billing is captured during the order entry and dispatch process, so Billing in Profit Tools is normally an audit & approval step, not a data entry process (although you can enter or correct any data if you need to).  Once invoiced, the Billing module also passes the receivable and GL information to your accounting package, eliminating any data-entry / double-entry that you may have at that stage now.

Clearer Invoices for Faster Payment

Profit Tools has built-in full & half-sheet invoice formats for single and manifest (multi-shipment) invoices, or you may prefer a fully customized invoice.  You can print to plain paper or pre-printed multi-part forms.  Customer reference numbers are displayed and clearly labeled, accessorials and fuel surcharge are broken out, and multi-stop shipments are clear.  Clear and accurate details help you get paid faster.

Solve Paperwork Problems

Warnings or prevents for missing required documents can be configured for your staff, to ensure you have the required paperwork before you bill.  The documents that need to accompany the invoice, which can vary by customer, are automatically printed with the invoice.

Multiple Divisions and Operating Units

The logo, layout, remit address, and numbering sequence of the invoice and the posting company and GL accounts can be set for each of your operating units and divisions.  This makes invoicing a very smooth and standard process even when multiple business units are involved.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Although the clarity and detail of the invoice helps minimize customer inquiries, when they do have a question, the answer is available to you in moments.  You have unlimited invoice search capability by full or partial customer reference numbers, equipment numbers, bill-to party, shipper/ consignee, order/move/invoice date (or date range), and much more.


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