Automatically enter rate tables & eliminate rating headaches. Your rate tables are autorated directly into Profit Tools so shipments rate themselves.  Get your billing out faster and avoid mistakes that hold up payment.

Flexible Routing.  Flexible Rating.

Being able to dispatch different kinds of work in Profit Tools means our rating needs to be flexible, too.  We can handle point-to-point, zones, mileage, weight, cwt, flat, mini, etc.  We also have the specialty rating needed for various modes like "as-rates" for LTL and chassis pickup/return, stopoff, and yard move for intermodal.

Manage Negotiated Overrides and Exceptions

Profit Tools allows you to enter just the exceptions for a customer, without having to recreate a whole table for them.   Rating will automatically use an override for the customer if it has one, otherwise it uses the rate from the "base" table assigned to that customer.   Unlike some systems, this means you won't have to copy changes into a dozen different tables (or worse) when you update your base rates, and you can always clearly see what rates are special for each customer.

Capture (and Rate) Accessorials as They Happen

Waiting time, lumper fees, etc. can all be correctly auto-rated in Profit Tools, again based on base tables and company overrides.

Fuel Surcharge

Revenue and Mileage based fuel surcharge calculations are supported.

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