Billing & Settlements

Billing and Settlements software system by Profit Tools - "Proven Solutions, Proven Results".  You can have complete confidence in the Profit Tools Billing and Settlements software to improve and streamline your your office functions.

A Billion Reasons to Choose Profit Tools

Over one billion dollars.  That's how much freight volume has been billed and paid out using Profit Tools software.  Our track record of reliably rating and processing invoices and settlements across our clients' full range of operating modes and rate structures makes us the tried and true solution.  Don't take chances with someone else.

We Work with your Trusted Accounting System

Just like you need the best trucking system processing your rating and pay, you want your accounting handled by the best software available as well.  Profit Tools enables you to keep the accounting solution that you, your staff, and your accountants know and trust, while still eliminating double entry and avoiding after-the-fact revenue coding.  Our integrations to the  leading off-the-shelf accounting systems gives you the best of both worlds.

Single Data Entry

It's a fact: if any significant data entry happens in your operation at the billing, settlements, or accounting stage, you have an expensive problem that needs fixing.  By doing data entry at any of those stages, you are either doing double (or triple) entry into your own systems, your customers' systems, or both.  How do we know that?  Simple.  Your internal staff and your customers need information as the move is happening, so if you're typing any of that information at the end of the process, you had to type it (or even worse, write it!) somewhere else before.  Stop that!  Profit Tools enables you to capture the information as it happens, so billing, payroll and accounting are audit, not entry steps.  That puts more of the hard-earned revenue from your freight in your pocket.

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