Fuel Program Volume Plus Pricing Files

This page contains CP Pricing files for the Profit Tools Fuel Program Volume Plus Platform

The daily CP Pricing file lists the Cost Plus pricing available that day at each TA-Petro location. This price is good for the whole day. The CP Pricing file also lists the retail price that was posted at each location at the time the file was generated in the morning, for a rough comparison, but the posted retail price may change over the course of the day. At the time you fuel at a TA-Petro location, if the CP price is lower than the retail price, you will be billed the CP price, otherwise you will be billed the retail price. You'll never pay more than the posted retail price, and when CP price is better, you'll save.

If you have questions about pricing, contact Ray Wilson, Profit Tools' Director of Industry Programs & Alliances.

Review current Volume Plus Platform Info, including the Platform Overview, T&C, and Volume Addendum to the T&C.

Volume Plus Platform participants do not earn Rewards Points.  If you earned rewards points before qualifying for the Volume Plus Platform, view your points here...