Profit Tools Fuel Program

Strength in numbers

A fuel program is finally available for smaller fleets by way of Profit Tools large and diverse customer base. Approximately 8,500 trucks a day are being dispatched through Profit Tools software.  That's a lot of trucks, and a lot of fuel being purchased in order to keep those trucks running! All of those trucks have something in common too, us! Because of the large volume of fuel our combined customer base uses, and our industry expertise, Profit Tools has been able to negotiate a fuel program that allows us to provide fuel pricing previously only available to the largest of fleets.

Discounts you say...

All discounts on the Profit Tools fuel card are applied instantly at time of billing -- no waiting for rebates in the mail! With our extensive coast to coast coverage you will never have to pay pump price again.  You get a clear and concise statement daily, your discounts are easy to see, and payment is simple.  Profit Tools even provides FREE quarterly reports that help make your fuel tax preparation a breeze. Contact one of our sales associates today to learn how much we can save you!

A program like no other

As some of you may have experienced, many fuel card programs are designed around the needs of large fleets, while smaller fleets can feel lost in the mix.  At Profit Tools, our fuel program caters only to the small and mid-sized carrier.  We're confident you'll notice the difference!  Save money and improve your business all at the same time... sign up now!

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