Make Auditing Your Chassis Bills Easy…

Catch Duplicate Billing * Uncover Incorrect Usage Dates * Capture Unbilled Revenue

It’s no secret that chassis are being handled differently than in the past. Rather than using the free chassis provided by the ocean lines, carriers are now required to either rent chassis from various chassis pools, or purchase their own. Now, in addition to chassis dispatch and tracking, carriers need to keep tabs on the bills being issued from the equipment providers. Duplicate charges and inaccurate usage dates are mistakes carriers are consistently finding in their chassis bills. Profit Tools already has the built-in capabilities for assigning, routing, and tracking chassis. Now with Chassis Audit, more capabilities have been added to address the new chassis reality and simplify the process of auditing equipment provider bills.

Audit for duplicate billing

Every equipment provider bill that is imported is automatically checked against prior bills already imported into Profit Tools. If prior charges exist on the same  equipment for overlapping dates, Chassis Audit will bring that to the auditor’s attention as a double billing discrepancy to resolve or dispute.

Audit for correct usage dates

Every billing that is imported is automatically crosschecked against your dispatch records. If you are being billed for dates that conflict with your dispatch records, Chassis Audit will bring that to the auditor’s attention as a discrepancy. At that point, you can check which dates are correct, yours or the equipment provider’s, and dispute the charges if appropriate.

Track charges to your customer

For each chassis, owned or rented, Chassis Audit will bring up information on the shipment(s) the equipment was used for and the billing of chassis charges (if any) that you've already issued to the customer for those shipments. This allows the auditor to verify any charges that need to be billed or were missed. Charges that are identified as customer or 3rd party responsibility can be invoiced by Chassis Audit and a billing invoice passed to accounting. If you need to send a billing advice for approval before actually invoicing, you can do so. Single invoice format or manifest invoice formats are supported.

Some other great features include:

Import equipment provider bills

Dispute line items

Issue payments & post to accounting  

Audit for correct rate/free days

Audit per diem invoices

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