You have indicated that you are running Profit Tools 5.0.31 or earlier.  You can upgrade to our latest Sybase 9 version of at any time, but will not be able to upgrade further until your Sybase Database engine has been upgraded.  Contact your Account Manager for more details on this important upgrade.

 If you are upgrading from a version prior to Profit Tools version 4.2.0, or are using EDI services please contact Profit Tools technical support for additional assistance.

 If you would like to apply the upgrade on your own, please download the following files:

Enhancements Overview — List of enhancements and fixes for Profit Tools versions

Upgrade Instructions — Download and Upgrade instructions

 If you require Technical Assistance to upgrade please contact Technical Support to schedule the installation.  Installation time may be charged at the billable support rate if the upgrade requires technical network assistance (reinstallation of server/clients or network configuration changes.

 It is a good idea to download the Enhancements document to the Profit Tools folder so each of your users can review this document and keep up to date on the new functionality in each upgrade.