Achieving a Successful Implementation

Lots of Power... But do you Know how to Drive?

Technology is like a race car. Lots of raw power, but you need to tune it right and have the skills to drive it if you expect to win. Overlook this, and you can not only forget about winning, but they're going to be towing you out of the infield. Profit Tools training and support staff give your people the knowledge to achieve your business objectives on our system. We speak your language -- every one of our trainers worked in trucking operations before joining the Profit Tools team.

Planning YOUR Implementation

Profit Tools carefully considers the needs of each individual trucking operation during the implementation phase.  In order to be successful we ask questions, analyze data, and in some cases travel to your operation to see for ourselves which solutions approaches will work best for you.  We expect you, the customer, to partner with us to create a solid implementation plan that we can both carry out effectively.  It is your business and we work with you to manage this change.

A Winning Relationship

The core factor behind a successful implementation is the relationship between Profit Tools staff and the project leader(s) in your organization. We will work closely with you to design a feasible implementation plan that all parties are comfortable with, around a time frame that can be achieved.  You will get to know your Profit Tools trainer and our technical support staff very well throughout this process, and begin a relationship that will continue throughout the years.  Your trainer will be your go-to person for learning how to use the software, and our technical support staff will always be on hand for technical challenges that may arise.

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